More on leverage

I think it is important not only to provide the leverage people are looking for but also to recognize why they are looking for it.  These answers can come off as pretty obvious for B2B.  For a customer base in this realm the objective will always be improved profitibility.  That means greater efficiency, more thorough research prior to investment, and more power with respect to the amount of services consumable by the customer.  The more of these things a business can commamd, the more likely success will be.  The issue is determining how to help businesses become more profitable by assisting in gaining or providing these means.  All of them amount to consulting services on some level.  Time for more thought.



I want to focus thinking on leverage for a while.  I made an observation a while back that people generally have been successful when providing others with the ability to take advantage of leverage.

Bankers clearly have mastered…even invented?…this concept by providing loans, etc.  Fractional reserve, while leading to our apparent demise, has worked wonders for wealth creation.

Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that even if a person could start his or her own bank, they would be stifled to the point of ineffectiveness by rampant political corruption and favoritism.  That’s fine.  I have seen other ways in which the provision of leverage has been successful in gaining wealth – the television, theatres, the internet…but there are surely less monolithic examples.

Let’s think of them.

idle time

Nothing bothers me more than having idle time.  I am accustomed to being busy – with work or school or both.  For the past 2.5 years, I have been in this non-stop “do something” mode.

Recently, I have changed jobs from a stressful small company role to a relatively slow paced large public company role.  This is a dramatic change for me.  I am still trying to get accustomed to having slow periods at work.

Combine that with the breaks between semesters at school, when there is no homework or anything, and this typically active person is experiencing some serious inertia.  At home this Memorial Day weekend, my primary activity has been the television – not because I enjoy watching TV but because I am having trouble coming up with good ideas for what I can do to be productive.

So this seems like a pretty simple conclusion.  Why do a lot of people watch a lot of TV?  Because they don’t have a good way of coming up with something more positive, constructive, stimulating, and interesting to do.  If you find a way to give them those triggers for action, I think maybe you will find a mass of people overcoming their own inertia.


All great ideas seem to stem from people asking “Why?”…Why do things work the way they work? Why do people follow the habits they follow and what is the underlying need or motive in a person’s action? I want to record my thoughts about these things on a daily basis in hopes that something might stick.

So, this is going to be my attempt at documenting my thoughts about the world. If you want to read this blog, awesome, maybe you can contribute to those thoughts and questions. If not, that’s fine too. 🙂

The world is full of opportunities. We just have to catch a few of them.